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First Drabble!

Eh...I don't know why I'm so excited, but I've just been wanting to write for Hot Gimmick for a while now. It's not much, but I just wanted to get something out.

Title: Theme 24: Terminal Illness
Author: BVtBear
Rating:'s not explict, but implied, plus language
Characters: Hatsumi/Ryoki
Words: 100 w/o 'title'
Summary: Takes place after the ending of the manga, so if you don't know how it ends, don't read.

#24: Terminal Illness

When it had finally happened, part of him regretted that it ever did.
It was…like catching a disease.
He couldn’t stop himself from thinking about it.
And him.
What they had done.
What they could do.
She was too close to him again.
He watched her sleep for another two seconds before frowning and poking her awake.
Sleepy doe eyes and the way she murmured his name made him all the more determined.
He sucked in his breath and pressed himself against her.
“Again. I wanna do it again.”
He was diseased.
And he’d die without her.

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