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Theme #25: milk and cookies; pie

Title: Hidden Talents
Author: idyllictorture
Rating: PG/PG-13, innuendo
Pairing: ShinoguxAzusa
Words: 100
Theme: #25, milk and cookies; pie

Shinogu and Azusa are with a bunch of friends at a party. Everyone is drunk and bored. They all decide to have an eating contest like the one that’s on the TV right now.

Shinogu, of all people, is the undisputed winner. He downs a whole box of cookies with a half liter of milk in a few minutes. Azusa is floored when Shinogu swallows a piece of pie, whole. He’s really impressed.

“You don’t have a gag reflex? You, like, don’t throw up or anything? Ever?”

“No, not really, only when I’m really sick. Um, why’s that so funny, Azusa?”

The End

A/N: My first drabble and it really shows. I'm usually more of a windbag. This is easily the most juvenile thing I've ever written. :P
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