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Drabble: #11: not perfect

Inspiration finally starts to hit...

Title: For Her (#11-not perfect)
Author: BVtBear
Rating: R-ish
Characters: Hatsumi/Ryoki
Words: 130 w/o title
Summary: 'For once, he isn't perfect and he has no one to blame but her.'
Warning: Limey...takes place after the manga.

I don't own Hot Gimmick. Got nothing to give but some dirty drabbles.

Like Her (#11-not perfect)

For once, he isn’t perfect and he has no one to blame but her.

Her moans are too soft and eager.

Her body fits too well against him.

She encourages him too much: too many words, kisses, and caresses.

He wants to yell at her to stop, that it shouldn’t be like this, it shouldn’t be so hard to stay in control. He’s supposed to be perfect.

He wants it to last longer.

He tries feebly to think of something else--anything else--that’ll keep this from ending the way it always does.

But her voice always pulls him back and he starts to see the familiar flashes of brilliant light.

He’s going to do it again.

He’s going to finish fast and hard.

He wishes he were more perfect.

Like her.

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