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#50: you think too much

Title: none #50-you think too much
Words: 132 w/o title
Summary: Ryoki needs to learn to just...enjoy it.
Warnings: Limey...takes place after manga

#50: you think too much

“Tell me how you feel.”

She finds that she can’t answer.

Not when he’s doing this to her.

Not when he’s holding her gaze with all too knowing eyes.

He leans forward and presses a kiss to her shoulder, his grip loosens on her hips and he changes rhythm.

She forgets to breathe, her fingers dig reflexively into his upper arm.

“Hatsumi, how does it feel?” He nudges her again, lips covering her face like a blanket: eyes, cheeks, forehead, chin, lips. And finally, she answers, although he has to strain to hear it.

“Ry-ryoki…nuh-nice…It feels…” She loses the words in the process, her eyes squeeze shut again, she bites her lower lip.

Ryoki decides to give up on the issue. For once, he realizes that Hatsumi’s right. He’s thinking too much.
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