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Drabble: #19: this is just a dream

Title: none, #19--this is just a dream
Rating: light-R (language, content, the works)
Characters: Ryoki/Hatsumi
Words: 190 w/o title, tags, etc
Summary: Ryoki being sweet? Is Hatsumi dreaming?
Spoilers: this, as most of my drabbles for Hot Gimmick, take place after the end of the manga. So you if you don't know how it ends, don't read. ALSO, most of my drabbles will most likely be limes or lemons or in that citrus category. Fair warning!

Theme 19: This Is Just a Dream

She woke up, once, to find him leaning over her, kissing her body. She watched him work, his lips passing over one breast and then to the other, fingers skimming along her belly before coming to rest on her hip, warm breath slowly marching upward toward her neck. He caught her eyes then, figured she had been staring, and simply answered her with, “You’re fucking beautiful, Hatsumi.”

She felt herself blush and looked away --this was not real, it was not happening, he would never say anything like that in real life. After a few moments she felt safe enough to look back and found that Ryoki had returned to his previous work. The steady breath was back on her throat, lips played with the flesh behind her ear, hand migrated down to her inner thigh.

And he was speaking again. The low words resonated in her ear, “You’re like a dream, Hatsumi.”

“A-ah.” His hand was rising again, to settle between her legs. “A dream?”

“Yes.” He leaned in for a kiss, muttering into her mouth, “But if you wake me up, I’m going to seriously hurt you.”

A/N: These drabbles are harder to write than I thought. Ryoki and Hatsumi are both hard characters to get into. But, I shall keep trying!
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