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Theme #24: Terminal Illness

Title: Your Love Is a Disease
Author: idyllictorture
Rating: PG
Characters: ShinoguxAzusa
Words: 128
Summary: Shinogu and Azusa discuss the nature of Shinogu's love for Hatsumi.

[Scene takes place in the living room of Shinogu’s apartment. Shinogu is sitting on the couch. Azusa is standing next to the couch, leaning towards Shinogu.]

Azusa: Your love is like a disease-

Shinogu [interrupting]: How can you talk about Hatsumi like that?

Azusa: I’m not talking about Hatsumi. I’m talking about your obsession. It’s a disease, a cancer. It’s spread through your body, heart, spirit, and mind. It’s destroying you, and you’re letting it.

Shinogu: Fine, then. My love is a disease. It’s a terminal illness that’ll take me to my grave.

[Azusa leans closer to Shinogu. He places a finger on Shinogu’s lips, as if to “shush” him.]

Azusa: No, it’s not. I’m here. I’m your cure. All you have to do is take your medicine.

A/N: This is me being experimental. Almost all of my writing as an adult has been for theater. So I decided to combine it with fan fic. In real life, I wouldn't be giving actors direction on actions, or where to stand. But since this isn't a real play, and it won't be performed...I did it here to clarify things.
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