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Theme #28 - I'll Hold Your Hand

Title: If You're Afraid...
Author: idyllictorture
Rating: G
Pairing: ShinoguxAzusa
Words: 335
Theme: #28, I'll Hold Your Hand
Summary: Shinogu runs into a frightened Azusa on the playground.

Author's Note: This fic isn't a "couple" story; not in the traditional sense at least. Azusa and Shinogu are children in it, so it isn't supposed to be romantic. And my apologies for spamming everyone's friend's list tonight. I'm sort of on a fic bender.

Azusa was sitting on a school bench. He was trying not to cry but it was a struggle. It was a cold fall afternoon, and most of the students were long gone.

Shinogu had just left the building when he ran into Azusa. He had been out with the flu for a week, and was still playing catch up. It wasn’t a cause for worry. He was one of the best students in the school. His being sick actually gave everyone else a chance to play catch up.

“Azusa, what are you doing here? You’re gonna to get sick if you stay outside,” Shinogu said. “Besides your mother must be worried about you, it’s kinda late.”

“I don’t want to go home. Mommy and Daddy are fighting again,” Azusa was almost in tears.

“Well, you can stay at our house. I don’t think my parents will care. And we can play video games later.” Shinogu said.

“No, I’m too scared,” Azusa said. He usually kept stuff like that to himself, but somehow with Shinogu it seemed all right to say it.

“I’ll hold your hand,” Shinogu offered.

“You will?” Azusa asked.

“If you’re afraid, yeah,” Shinogu answered.

“But what if someone sees us? They’ll think we’re babies, and they’ll call us names,” Azusa said.

“It’s OK. There’ll be one of them, and two of us. We can fight them, if they call us names,” Shinogu said reassuringly.

“What if there’s more than one? What if they’re bigger than us?” Azusa was still worried.

“We’ll run then,” Shinogu answered. “I can run pretty fast. I’m the fastest in my class.”

“OK, I can run fast too,” Azusa said. He reached up and grabbed Shinogu’s outstretched hand. “Do you ever get scared? Even though you’re ten?”

“Yeah, sometimes,” Shinogu answered. “I get scared. But don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t,” Azusa said.

Shinogu squeezed the younger boy’s hand tighter and yanked on his arm.

“C’mon, both are moms are going to be mad if we don’t hurry up.”

The End.
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