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ADMIN: Launch!

Hello, welcome, yo. This is the sister community to hg_fanfiction It is a 100 challenge theme community. The challenge is to write a piece of fanfiction, a drabble, poem, etc. for the each of the 100 themes given. (They are on the info page) You have to claim a couple from the manga and all your pieces must revolve around them. Be creative with your couples. Any two characters can be paired! Only 3 people are allowed to claim one couple at a time.

You can join to participate or read, or both... Whatever floats your boat. If your just joining to read, you can go ahead and say hi in this post. If you are going to write though, you need to also put in your claim while responding to this. It's a first come, first serve basis.

For more information, please read the entire info page, thanks!
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