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Theme #43 - New Dress

Title: Expressions Of Love With Green Chiffon
Author: idyllictorture
Rating: PG
Pairing: ShinoguxAzusa, ShinoguxHatsumi
Words: 519
Theme: #43, new dress
Summary: Shinogu and Azusa plan for Hatsumi's upcoming birthday.

They’re walking through Shibuya when a dress in a window catches Shinogu’s eye.

“Hey, look at that,” he says to Azusa, who is walking beside him.

“Shinogu, isn’t that dress kind of out of your league pricewise? And I don’t think green is your color, “ Azusa has a feeling as to why they’ve stopped to look at a dress. Hatsumi’s birthday is coming up. But he chooses not to say anything.

“Not for me, for Hatsumi,” Shinogu says. He’s not in the mood for Azusa’s jokes.

“Why? Just get her something else. She’ll love it no matter what. You don’t have to spend tons of money on her. She doesn’t care,” Azusa pleads. He’s sick of seeing Shinogu work himself into an early grave. And he doesn’t want Shinogu to waste it on an expensive dress.

“No, she doesn’t, but I do,” Shinogu says.

I’m tired of competing with Ryoki and Azusa. I wasn’t born into money, like Ryoki. And I’m not going to just fall into some like Azusa. Shinogu is getting increasingly irritated and jealous.

“Don’t,” Azusa says. “It’s not worth it.”

“It is if you’re in love,” Shinogu answers. “You’re willing to suffer, to sacrifice just to make that other person’s life just a little better; even if they love somebody else. But you wouldn’t understand.”

The party is held a week later. Hatsumi is opening her gifts.

“Oh, wow,” Hatsumi cries. “Thanks Azusa, I’ve been looking for these mangas everywhere. How’d you know?”

Azusa smirks. “A little birdie told me.”

Shinogu grabs Azusa by the collar and drags him to his room.

“That was low Azusa, even for you,” Shinogu is livid. “You put your name on my gift. What the hell am I going to do now? You knew I was worried about getting the right present. And now I have no gift. What the hell were you doing? I thought we were friends. ”

Hatsumi bursts through Shinogu’s bedroom door.

“Shinogu, this is amazing. It’s just my size, and I love the color!” Hatsumi is holding a dress close to her body and twirls for their benefit.

“It looks great, Hatsumi,” Azusa smiles and pats her on the head.

She throws her arms around Shinogu. He closes his eyes and feels like he’s going to pass out from all the sensations of Hatsumi. The softness, her smell, her everything…

“It’s perfect. Thanks again, Shinogu,” she says.

“Hatsumi!” Someone calls her from the other room, and she runs out to rejoin her party.

What the hell just happened? I didn’t buy that dress. I couldn’t afford it. Why does Hatsumi think it’s from me? Shinogu quickly realizes what has happened.

“You,” Shinogu says to Azusa, dumbfounded. “You switched the cards? Why did you do that?“

“If you’re in love…you’re willing to suffer, to sacrifice just to make that other person’s life just a little better; even if they love somebody else. But you wouldn’t understand,” Azusa says jokingly. He walks out of the bedroom.

Shinogu realizes that Azusa was not joking.

Shinogu leans against the doorjamb and watches Azusa rejoin the party.

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