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Theme #99 - Shinogu and Azusa

Title: Branded
Author: idyllictorture
Rating: PG
Pairing: ShinoguxAzusa
Words: 1,062
Theme: #99, I'll watch you turn the corner
Summary: Shinogu and Azusa drink the night away

Azusa sat back and watched as Shinogu knocked back another drink. They had been hanging out at some bar all night. Both of them had been drinking, but Shinogu was going much faster and with stronger liquors.

Whoa, didn’t even know he drank at all. And I probably know more about him than anyone. It’s like everyone in his life knows just one part of him. I might know a few more parts, but I want to know everything about Shinogu. Azusa sighed and sipped his Jack and Coke.

“C’mon Shinogu, let’s go. I’ll take you home,” Azusa stood up suddenly. It was a mistake, he felt a little dizzy. He quickly grabbed the table.

“Why?” Shinogu asked. “I’m not finished, and neither are you.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve had enough. You’ve had more than enough.” Azusa answered.

“It’s a waste of a drink. Do you have any idea how hard bartenders work?” Shinogu wasn’t arguing and he wasn’t budging either.

“Well, I’m not paying for any more drinks,” Azusa was starting to get angry.

“Fine with me, I can pay for my own drinks,” Shinogu answered, in his usual calm demeanor.

“The bar’s closing soon.” Azusa countered. “We’ll find a liquor store somewhere.”

“I thought you said we had enough,” Shinogu answered. Even at his most drunk, he was still pretty together; something which Azusa was beginning to realize. His movements, reaction times, and voice were perfectly steady, just slightly slower than usual. Only someone who spent a lot of time with him, like Azusa, would realize he was drunk.

Shinogu changed his mind and got up. He didn’t want to be with Azusa, but being alone was worse. His thoughts were racing and almost consuming him nightly. It was the reason he said “yes” to Azusa’s plan to meet for drinks.

It’s better to argue with Azusa, than to sit around with my thoughts. I think one day that’ll kill me, Shinogu thought. He grabbed his jacket and started walking towards the door.

What the hell? Azusa thought. He always finds a way to get the upper hand somehow. It pisses me off.

He was unsure of what to do so he just followed Shinogu outside.

Once they were outside, they just stood around, waiting for the other to say something. It was obvious that they weren’t getting along. Even strangers were throwing confused and curious glances towards the two handsome men.

Azusa just stood there looking at Shinogu out of the corner of his eye. Shinogu just stood there, hands shoved into his pockets staring off into space.

Why isn’t Azusa talking? He’s been quiet all night. It’s just weird.

Hearing Azusa talk (and Azusa did a lot of it) kept Shinogu’s mind occupied, and off all his problems. Even though Shinogu would never admit it, hearing Azusa’s voice calmed him down.

I guess I have to say something. I can’t just leave him like this.

“Well, I’d better be going,” Shinogu said. “I have work tomorrow morning.”

“Okay,” Azusa said. He didn’t move.

Shinogu gestured. “Well, I’m going.”

“Fine,” Azusa answered. “I’ll watch you turn the corner.”

“What? Why?” Shinogu felt slightly flustered.

“You’re drunk.” Azusa said flatly.

“I’m not drunk.” Shinogu said. “What are you, my mother? I’ll be fine. Just go home already.”

Azusa didn’t answer. He just stood there, watching Shinogu. To Shinogu, he seemed uncharacteristically quiet and calm. It was unsettling.

Fine, just let him watch you turn the corner. He’s just drunk and being an idiot.

Shinogu started walking towards the corner. He didn’t live too far away, within walking distance. Azusa would probably just take a cab back to the complex, Shinogu reasoned.

Azusa can afford that.

Shinogu stopped for a moment and turned around. He had the strange feeling that someone was behind him.

“I thought you said you’d just watch me turn the corner,” Shinogu said. “Why are you following me?”

“It’s not enough. Watching you turn the corner is not enough for me. I need to turn it with you.” Azusa’s voice was hoarse, almost sounding like he had a cold.

He’s not talking about turning corners anymore; I know that. But I feel so confused. Shinogu thought. The alcohol was starting to catch up with him and everything was blurry. And the true meanings of Azusa's words were lost on him.

Azusa grabbed Shinogu’s hand.

Azusa lifted Shinogu’s hand and kissed it. Shinogu didn’t seem to react at all, and didn’t even look back at him.

Did Azusa just kiss my hand? But there was no denying it. Shinogu had felt it. Human touch of any sort was rare for him, and as drunk as Shinogu was, there was no ambiguity about it. Azusa’s lips had pressed against his hand.

Shinogu’s once warm hand felt like it was on fire. It was as if Azusa had branded his knuckles instead of simply kissing them.

Azusa in the meantime felt worried. He knew Shinogu wouldn’t harm him, but he felt scared anyways. His impulsive, romantic gesture just felt clumsy.

I usually have stuff like this planned out…and it works. Why the hell did I just do that? Now he’ll never talk to me again. Azusa became even more worried when he felt Shinogu let go of his hand. Shit, he’s really pissed, isn’t he? He’s gonna tell me he doesn’t like me that way, that he loves Hatsumi, that he doesn’t like guys…

Shinogu went from starting off into space to looking at the ground. He and Azusa were under a streetlamp, and Shinogu held his hand towards the light. The spot on his knuckles where Azusa had kissed him was burning, almost as if someone had held a match to it. It felt so palpable that he was checking for a burn mark, or some sort of scar.


“Yeah?” Azusa was almost trembling.

“It’s late, and you live kinda far. Just crash at our place. Kazama won’t care. You can sleep on the couch or something.” Shinogu said.

“Okay,” Azusa breathed a sigh of relief. He’s not mad at me.

Shinogu looked at his watch for something to do. His mind was racing again, but this time in a good way.

I’m not ready for this…Azusa? But I do know that I don’t like not being around him, and I don’t want him to go.

The End.

A/N: As always feedback is appreciated. What would you like to see more of? Spelling and/or grammar mistakes, etc. And I'd like to thank everyone for all the nice comments on the last one. I'm really surprised that so many people read it. :D
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