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Study Breaks

Title: Study Breaks
Author: tripping_fruit, aka Meris Ann
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Ryouki/Hatsumi
Words: 1,477 (including tags)
Theme: #50, you think too much
Summary: Semi-AU, I guess...although I'm not sure, since I haven't finished the series. XD Ryouki and Hatsumi live together, and Hatsumi observes the studious nature of her university-enrolled man. (The first one I've written from Hatsumi's point of view! WTFBBQ!)

Hatsumi knew that her fiance was a genius. He'd probably never been bad at anything, everything he tried his hand at he simply seemed to excel in. There were things she was good at too, she knew that, but she had no illusions about her mental capabilities. True, she wasn't a moron or anything, but she was kind of ditzy and awkward. Night after night she watched Ryouki work through homework and studying from ToDai that made her brain hurt just looking at it. Math problems that took two pages to solve? Papers about one event that had to be over fifty pages long? Not only having to learn English, but to have to learn to to a proficient enough level to be able to analyze poetry? No thanks, not for Hatsumi. She'd leave that kind of stuff up to Ryouki.

It tired him out, Hatsumi noticed. She'd heard of the "Freshman 15", the fifteen pounds everyone was supposed to gain their freshman year of university. Ryouki had lost fifteen his freshman year, and now, nearly in his junior year, he hadn't seemed to gain it back yet. Some nights Hatsumi awoke near dawn to find the bed empty; he'd never been in it, working on school work in the next room. Sometimes on the weekends she would look over at him as they laid on the couch in front of the TV and find him silent, not really staring at the TV so much as staring through it, his eyes glassy and unblinking behind his glasses. More often than not he was exhausted, Hatsumi knew. His smoking habit--something that had always been very infrequent when he was still in high school--had become more of a real habit, something he used to keep himself awake and moving. Hatsumi lost track of how many pounds of coffee she purchased from Starbucks a week, and how quickly they disappeared from the cabinets.

It made her feel guilty sometimes that he never seemed to run out of energy for her, despite how tired he always was. Energetically bouncing around, she would drag him out places and constantly attempt to involve him in tons of her stupid little projects. Usually after the fact she would recall how tired he'd seemed that day, and how it was probably wrong of her to drag him around.

Hatsumi was not in school, nor did she work. She didn't really need to do either. She had no motivation to attend college, and from time to time she wished she had a job, but remembered how much Ryouki had hated the jobs she'd had, and promptly forgot about it. Sometimes she was bored but more often than not she realized how lucky she was; how every girl dreamed about having a boyfriend or a husband who took care of everything for them, leaving them with nothing more serious to worry about than which colour to paint their toenails.

Sometimes Ryouki came home from school and she was still in her pajamas, hair still mussy, teeth still unbrushed, even though it was well into the afternoon. She knew how lucky she was then, when he would take her into his arms, trying to kiss her, only to have her protest that she was yucky and gross, that she hadn't even brushed her teeth and she'd eaten a lot of onions--

"I don't care. I want to kiss you," he'd say, and take her chin in his hand and kiss her until her limbs felt like pieces of linguine.

Sometimes, Hatsumi thought she might just be the luckiest girl in the whole world.

One night, at approximately 2:38 am, Hatsumi awoke to find the spot next to her in the bed empty, again. She padded out of the bedroom and into the room next to it, to find her fiance scribbling something in the margins of a thick textbook. The entire thing was in English, which rended Hatsumi to the realms of understanding very little of it. Making a tiny noise in the doorway, Ryouki's head jerked up and over at her, his hand stilling.

"Still studying?" she queried, indicating his books and papers.

"What's it look like to you?" he answered, turning his head back to his work, scribbling some more. He was capable of being quite tetchy when interrupted in the middle of studying, as Hatsumi had discovered more than once. She eyed him for a moment, his lanky form hunched over the books illuminated by the desk lamp, the bright yet small light accentuating the puffy circles under his eyes. He looked so damn tired, and Hatsumi wondered briefly what he ran himself so ragged for when he was passing all of his courses with flying colours.

Walking into the room, she bent with her hands on her knees and lowered her head to his level, staring down at the book. He continued to scribble in hasty, barely legible katakana in the margins. " style...and..." She stopped reading in broken, badly accented English when he looked over at her, his face definitely tetchy. "I guess I still have a little English left in me after all."

He blinked at her. "Hatsumi, I'm busy. Go back to bed." He went back to his work and she stood, sighing softly. The sinews in his hand and arm stood out with the fervency with which he wrote, and little pieces of blonde hair on the back of his head moved as his hand did. Ignoring his command, her hand moved over and slid into his hair, her shortish-nails raking down over his scalp. Her hand strayed down to his neck and began to massage there, lightly, causing him to sit up in his seat somewhat, correcting his slouched posture. The muscles in his neck began to relax, if only a tiny bit.

"You're tired," she noted, softly, as if it was something that neither of them already knew. At her soft tone, his neck relaxed even more, and Ryouki moved to sit back against the chair fully, his eyes closed.

"You're distracting me," he accused, although there wasn't much fire behind his words.

"You're so tense," Hatsumi continued as if she hadn't heard him, moving behind him to rub at his shoulders, which were every bit as tense as his neck. His head began to loll a bit, following her ministrations.

"I can't very well think or study with you distracting me like this," he pointed out, in the same accusatory tone, with just as little fire.

"You think too much," Hatsumi murmured, leaning down to wrap her arms around him from behind, her face snuggling into his shoulder and neck. "Come to bed, please." He sat there, unmoving, saying nothing. Her mouth moved to his ear, just barely catching the lobe between her lips. His body, formerly semi-relaxed, tensed again slightly in his seat. "Please."

"Only if you'll rub my back and shoulders like you were," he said finally. Hatsumi nodded against his neck, standing and letting her hands trail along his torso and arms as she did.

"Of course," she said, brightly. "I'd rub your brain if I could, but I don't think it works like that," she giggled as he stood, stretchng, bones popping. He looked at her with an eyebrow arched high.

"You say the strangest things," he murmured, staring into her eyes penetratingly. Without warning, one of his hands flew around and gave her a smack, sound on the bottom. Jumping a little, Hatsumi gave a little shriek that was difficult to place as startled or excited. "Get in the bedroom. You promised me a backrub."

"Yes, sir," Hatsumi replied, sashaying out of the room ahead of him. She looked over her shoulder and caught his eyes as he stood there with his hand on the light switch, obviously having been caught looking somewhere else. "You should take breaks, when you're studying. They told me that when I was in high school. It gives your brain a chance to rest."

Ryouki looked at her. "I'm sure you intend to give my brain plenty of rest while the rest of me gets none at all," he said, flicking out the light and plunging them into darkness. Hatsumi's eyes did not adjust well and she fumbled in the darkness for a moment, trying to make out walls and other shapes in front of her. His mouth was suddenly at her ear, his hands tight around her waist. "You said I think too much. Why don't you help it think too little for a while?" His teeth bit down into her neck lightly and Hatsumi swooned against him, shivering and sighing.

"But," he said, into her ear, "not before you give me a backrub. You aren't getting out of that."

In the darkness, Hatsumi smiled. "Who said I wanted to get out of it?"
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