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Shinogu/Asahi; Theme #20. that person

Title: Pretense
Author: Solsolis
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Shinogu/Asahi, onesided Shinogu/Hatsumi
Words: 157
Theme #: 20. that person
Summary: Asahi likes pretending. (Rated for a slightly citrusy scene.)

Sometimes when Shinogu smiles at her, she can tell it's a real smile. At the same time, she knows the smile is not for her. Regardless of that fact, she likes to pretend it is.

There are times when Shinogu holds her tightly in his arms, clinging desperately to her as if she will vanish if he lets her go. These times, too, he is not looking at her, but at the woman he's always loved. Again, she likes to pretend she is the subject of his affections.

Often they end up in his bedroom, devoid of any clothes as their heated bodies collide in sin. He is the one she loves, yet there is another in his eyes as he slides himself into her. Even now, she does not mind being viewed as someone else.

Nevertheless, one day, when he makes the mistake of actually calling her by name, Asahi discovers that indeed, she is not Narita Hatsumi.
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