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Theme #65: anpan; red bean

Title: Take Care Of Him
Author: idyllictorture (Pia)
Rating: PG-13 (some swearing and innuendo)
Characters: ShinoguxAzusa (Rina makes an appearance too.)
Words: 1,028
Summary: Shinogu attends Azusa's modeling shoot, and then something unexpected happens.

Also, if you don't like shonen-ai, or male/male pairings, you might not want to read this. Or any other fics I post in this community. ;)

Shinogu looked around nervously. He still wasn’t used to being on a shooting set. He was used to the hustle and bustle of restaurants and bars. But this was something different altogether. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked around. Azusa was the center of attention. Shinogu kept slipping glances at him here and there. He tried to stay nonchalant, but it was hard to do.

“Hi,” one of the assistants said to him. “Let me know if you need anything.”

“Okay,” Shinogu answered. He had no clue what to ask for, even if he did want something. He had never been treated as a VIP, and it made him uncomfortable. Another assistant entered the room with a huge tray. Shinogu heard the two of them whisper.

“Who’s that?” The second one with the tray asked.

“Oh, Odagiri-san’s boyfriend,” the first one answered.

Shinogu felt his face flush. He and Azusa weren’t exactly a secret, but still Shinogu had always been a private person. The idea of anyone knowing about them, even if it was well meaning and friendly, was really embarrassing.

The second assistant walked over next to Shinogu and put the tray on the table next to them. Right behind him, another assistant was carrying a tray too.

“What is all this?” Shinogu asked.

“Food,” one of the assistants answered. “It’s going to be a long shoot.”

Shinogu sighed. He hated these long hours. As much as he loved being around Azusa, he did have better things to do with his time. And he wanted to spend time with Azusa; not with Azusa, photographers, hairdressers, managers, make-up artists, and what seemed like hundreds of other people. Shinogu was starting to feel like his mother when she’d whine about his father’s business trips.

“Help yourself, there’s plenty of food, and it’s good,” the assistant continued. “Besides half these people are on such strange diets so most of it gets wasted.”

Shinogu was feeling a little hungry and anxious. And the food did look good. He picked up an anpan and looked at it. He bit into it cautiously.

Mmm, azuki… Red bean had always been one of Shinogu’s favorite flavors ever since he was a small child. He took a larger bite and started chewing. The filling was sticky and dribbled onto his fingers.

Shit, Shinogu thought. He looked around for a napkin.

All of a sudden someone grabbed his hand. Shinogu’s fingers suddenly felt warm and wet.

“Azusa,” Shinogu turned around. “What the hell are you doing?”

Azusa had snuck up behind him and had started sucking on Shinogu’s sticky fingers.

“You scared me half to death,” Shinogu said. “What if someone saw us?”

Azusa looked thoughtful for a moment. Then all of a sudden he started coughing and flailing.

“Azusa?” Shinogu felt a little worried. Azusa had always been a kidder, but this seemed…real.

What the hell? Shinogu thought. Azusa collapsed and fell to the floor.

“Help!” Shinogu was panicking. A group of people immediately filled the room.

“Clear the way!” Shinogu heard Rina yell. The small woman quickly caught up with Shinogu who was holding Azusa’s limp body in his arms.

“What happened?” Rina asked.

“Um, I don’t know. He just had a little of my anpam, and then he just…” Shinogu had never been so frightened in his life. Azusa…

“Did it have a filling? Like red bean?” Rina asked.

How the hell did she know that? Shinogu was shocked.

“Yeah,” Shinogu answered. “It was a red bean filling.”

A man next to them opened up a case and pulled out something that Shinogu couldn’t make out. He then gave Azusa a shot very quickly. And a couple of other people picked him up and placed him on a mat.

“It’s not really a big deal,” the nurse told Shinogu and Rina. “He’ll be fine in about twenty minutes.”

“What the hell just happened?” Shinogu asked Rina. The crowd had mostly left the room.

“Azusa’s allergic to red bean. Since he was a child, I pretty sure. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.” Rina answered.

“No, I didn’t know,” Shinogu felt guilty. “This is my fault.”

“No, it’s not,” Rina said firmly. “Azusa should have known better. He’s always playing around. And I keep warning him he’s going to get hurt. But he never listens to me.”

She smiled at Shinogu. He felt a little nervous.

Rina-san was the first to find out about us. But she’s never said anything about it. Or how this relationship might hurt Azusa’s career. She almost seems happy for us, Shinogu ruminated. It had surprised him, pleasantly.

“Well, now you know,” Rina said. “I expect you to help me with my top talent. Take care of him. I need to attend to some other stuff now. Let me know if anything else happens.”

“Rina-san,” Shinogu said. But she had already left the room. The stress of the situation had finally caught up with Shingou’s body, and he felt exhausted. He lay down next to Azusa and put his arm around Azusa’s waist. Eventually, he felt Azusa stir while he was still in Shinogu’s arms.

“Azusa,” Shinogu said. “Don’t move too much. Do you still feel sick?”

“What happened?” Azusa asked.

“You’re an idiot. That’s what happened. You licked my fingers without even asking me what I was eating. That was a red bean filling.” Shinogu was practically shaking from the fear he still had.

“Oh yeah,” Azusa chuckled. “I thought it tasted funny. I haven’t had it in years.”

“How can you laugh?” Shinogu asked, shocked. “You could have died.”

“Hey, if I wake up in your arms, it can’t be that bad can it?” Azusa answered. “Hell, I’ll start eating red bean everyday.”

“Stop that,” Shinogu said. “Seriously, I was so scared. Don’t even joke about it. Why’d you do something so stupid anyways? Sucking the filling off my fingers?” Shinogu shook his head, incredulously.

“Well, next time, I’ll suck you where there’s no red bean to be found, okay?” Azusa answered with his devilish smile.

Shinogu blushed when he realized what exactly Azusa was talking about.

I think I’m starting to fall in love…

A/N: So that's it. I think that's the first time I've ever written an M/M pairing. Sorry if they seem a bit OOC. It's my first S/A fic, and I'm still getting a feel for the relationship dynamics. :D

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